Dragon's Den Kenpo Karate Studio was started in 1997 by Scott and Janice Fessenden. Dragon's Den is a family-oriented studio that teaches children ages 5 and up, and adults.

Dragon's Den teaches all students American Kenpo, based on the teachings of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, Sr., who believed that situations don't have to be resolved by fighting. Students progress through a defined schedule, learning the basics and building on them as they advance.

We hold classes on weeknights. We teach beginners (white, tiger yellow, yellow, orange, and purple belts) at the first class of the night, followed by intermediate/advanced students. The last class of the night is reserved for adults. See the individual class links for the schedules.

The Dragon's Den Kenpo Karate Studio in Lynn, Massachusetts has been serving the Lynn, North Shore, Essex County and Boston area since 1997. We provide a family-friendly atmosphere for children and adults to learn self-defense and to train in American Kenpo Karate.

Dragon's Den Kenpo Karate Studio offers convenient payment plans. Payments are determined by the number of students from the same immediate family and the number of classes per week (two or three). Discounts are given for multiple students from the same immediate family. In addition, we apply a discount to quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments, as long as they are paid by their due date.

After filling out an application for each student, you will receive a copy of our school and student policies.

Call us at 781.477.6060 if you would like to visit our studio. Need directions?