See a demonstration of what our intermediate and advanced students learn! (5,032Kb)

Children and young adults who have dedication and make a commitment to better their lives through karate take our intermediate and advanced classes.

Intermediate Classes

Students who have proven themselves and graduated from the beginner children's class learn the techniques and skills necessary to earn their blue and green belts. Where students learned their ABCs, words, and sentences in the Beginners Class, they now learn how to create paragraphs, short stories, and stories. See Belts for details on each belt level.

Congratulations if your child has succeeded and become part of this group. You, the parent, should be proud of your child and deserve credit, as you have also shown commitment and dedication by taking the time to bring your child to class and help them to succeed.

In the intermediate classes, students build on the solid foundation they started in the beginner class. They will now learn how to apply the knowledge and skills they have developed and worked so hard for and begin to form their paragraph of karate knowledge. The student in this class understands and can apply their basic self-defense skills, and are ready to begin their journey into the principles and concepts of karate and self-defense in today's society.

Students continue to start their classes with exercise and stretching before separating by rank to learn the next set of techniques and skills.

Advanced Classes

eleven black and brown belt students stand in two lines in a fighting stanceAdvanced classes are for those students who have been training a minimum of five years (brown belt) and seven years (black belts). These advanced ranks are accomplished in the art of karate and self-defense and can apply these techniques to an attacker's body.

Advanced students have become physically and mentally strong. In addition, they have kept their grades up in school and developed a positive attitude. All of these students have become Honor Roll or Super Honor Roll students at their local schools. Commitment and dedication from training in the martial arts carries over to greater academic achievement in school. Their resistance to peer pressure and knowledge of the dangers of drugs and alcohol on their young minds and bodies has been a positive building block for their character development.

These students are LEADERS, not followers. They are working very hard toward their adult black belt and, because these students are not quitters, they will reach their goal. The seeds that were planted many years ago have blossomed and they have now written a full chapter in their book of karate knowledge. The seeds have been sown for the success of these students' future in tomorrow's world. One of the most important lessons they have learned is, "It is not the color of your belt that matters, for it is only a piece of colored cloth. It's what is in your heart and mind when you take your belt off."