Beginner karate students must learn the ABCs of karate, just as they do in school. This provides a solid foundation upon which they learn to build. Once they learn and understand their ABCs, they then learn how to spell a word and then create a sentence.

The three belt levels of the beginner student are white, yellow, and orange. White belts learn their ABCs, yellow belts learn to spell a word, and orange belts learn to write a sentence in karate techniques and skills. See Belts for details on each belt level.

three children in a row, stretching

Beginner students become more disciplined as they take karate classes. Their confidence and self-esteem grow, along with the knowledge of how to defend themselves if necessary, and only if there is no other choice. The beginner class for children is designed to enhance their physical and mental development. They start each class with exercise and stretching, a portion of the class that is very important.

Your child will learn how to do basic exercises and stretching and do the best that they can, with praise and encouragement from their instructors. Their flexibility will increase, along with their strength and endurance. When the exercise portion of the class is complete, we separate the children into groups according to their rank.

two children on a sparring dummy

The white belt students, just learning the ABCs of karate, go with their instructor after finishing the exercise and stretching portion. They learn the basics of karate and are taught how to block, punch, and kick properly, how to be aware of strangers, how and when they should call 911, and basic fire safety tips. When they are ready, students demonstrate the skills they have learned and receive a stripe on their belt from their instructor for each accomplishment they achieve. This shows them that hard work, discipline, and commitment in karate, at school, or at home is a positive and rewarding experience. Their attention span and focus will improve, they will achieve better grades in school, and they have a more positive outlook about themselves and life.

four students in a row practicing techniques while their instructor watches

When the beginner student has learned the basics, they will be promoted to yellow belt, the next belt level. They begin their journey of learning to spell a word. At this level, we teach them the benefits of proper behavior, good manners and commitment, along with the self-defense skills required for their belt level. As their knowledge expands, watch as the seeds of confidence grow along with the skills they have learned. You'll see your child become more enthusiastic about learning and achieving a higher rank.

three instructors stand behind three students who are practicing their hitting on the dummies

When the student can demonstrate that they remember the skills and lessons that they have been taught, they are promoted to orange belt. The time has now come for the student to learn how to write a sentence in their book of karate knowledge. They will see students from the intermediate and advanced class coming in and getting ready to train. They will work and train harder, wanting to advance to the next level in order to join this class of dedicated students.

After students have learned the techniques and skills of the orange belt, they have completed their beginner training and are ready to continue their quest for knowledge and advance to the Intermediate and Advanced class.


My son and daughter have been attending the Dragon's Den for five years now. Scott and Janice have done an outstanding job in servicing the community of Lynn. The relentless effort and dedication of this couple and their staff has resulted in a network of friends and family that are dedicated to the betterment and success of all the children and students at the Dragon's Den. Scott and Janice and the entire staff have gained the trust and respect of all the families involved, they have created an atmosphere of family that we hope to be a part of for a long time to come. Their perseverance is an inspiration to all. Both our son and daughter have benefited tremendously from the Dragon's Den Karate Program over the last few years, and my wife and I have much praise for Scott and Janice as well as their entire staff and extended karate family. God bless Scott and Janice and the entire staff.

Alfredo & Karina Sotomayor

My granddaughter was a student at another school for a couple of years when one day they just closed the doors. My granddaughter was devastated, she had been promoted to the rank of brown belt and now had nowhere to go. She was very shy and very reluctant to go anywhere else. Her mother's close friend highly recommended she visit the Dragon's Den and meet with Scott and Janice, the owners of the karate studio. We made an appointment to visit and watched how they run their classes. Before the class was even halfway through my granddaughter wanted to join. My granddaughter decided on her own to start as a beginner white belt all over again. Scott and Janice were very impressed and understanding that a young girl could make such a decision. It has been almost five years now and I have watched almost every class that my granddaughter has attended. The new friends she has made and the confidence she has gained is heartwarming. I have watched as the children have risen in rank over the years and the respect that the children have for each other and the entire staff. Scott and Janice always take their precious time for each and every student, parent or in my case grandparent that need to talk. My granddaughter has just tested for her Jr. Brown Belt and couldn't be happier, I would highly recommend this karate program to all parents for your children.

Mrs. Bessie C. Wesley