Lynn, Mass. August 14, 2003 - On August 14, 2003, students of Dragon's Den Kenpo Karate Studio, led by owner and second degree black belt Janice Fessenden, demonstrated and taught self-defense techniques to members of Girls, Inc.

adult demonstrates how to break a choke-hold on a karate student

Each student demonstrated a favorite technique and Rocco DellaCroce demonstrated the finger set, learned at the junior purple/adult blue belt levels. Fessenden demonstrated Form 4, one of the more complicated forms in American Kenpo.

Students then worked with the members of Girls, Inc. to show them various self-defense techniques that could be used if the girls were threatened. Using bags, the girls learned how to break choke-holds, kick, and hit.

adult karate instructor works with two members of Girls, Inc.

Dragon's Den Kenpo Karate Studio is open Monday to Friday evenings, and offers classes for students of all ages, from 4 (Kiddie Kenpo) to adult.