three adults standing shoulder-to-shoulder

Scott Fessenden, Chuck Norris, and Janice Fessenden.

five adults standing shoulder-to-shoulder

Mike Hogan (owner of Hudson Kenpo Karate Studio), Scott Fessenden (co-owner of Dragon's Den Kenpo Karate Studio), Grandmaster 'Huk' Planas, Janice Fessenden (co-owner of Dragon's Den Kenpo Karate Studio), and Mike Swan (instructor). Grandmaster Planas was Senior Grandmaster Parker's right-hand man and vice president of Parker's original organization. He is known as the "encyclopedia of Kenpo".

three adults holding letters and envelopes

Janice (left) and Scott (right) Fessenden, with their daughter April (center) prepare holiday letters for soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda hospitals. Letters were delivered to Walter Reed with the help of the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland.

three adults at a baseball field

Janice Fessenden, Nick Lopardo (owner of the North Shore Spirit), and Scott Fessenden pose for a picture on August 9, 2003, when Dragon's Den enjoyed dinner and a game at Fraser Field. Lopardo sponsors Team Dragon's Den.

adults in fighting stance

Dragon's Den instructors pose in fighting stance after taking their black belt tests.

three adults in fighting stance

2nd Degree Black Belts and Owners of the Dragon's Den, Scott (left) and Janice (right) Fessenden.

eight adults in a line. six are holding their belt certificates

Members of Dragon's Den hold their black belt certificates following their test in June 2002, including 2nd degree Black Belt Fran Callanan (far left), 2nd degree Black Belt Scott Fessenden (third from left), 1st degree Black Belt Dennis Helleur (fourth from right), 2nd degree Black Belt Janice Fessenden (third from right), and 1st degree Black Belt Robert Randazzo (far right).

team members standing on bleachers in a gym

Team Dragon's Den and the Irish Kenpo Karate team pose for a picture at the end of the Maine International Karate Championships on August 5, 2003, with officials, coaches, and all the trophies.

The Lynn English High School ROTC Drill Team trains at Dragon's Den.