Gis are the uniforms that students wear during class, tests, and at events. Sizes range from 00 (children) through size 7 (adult).

Children and adults wear white gis until they earn their brown belt, at which time they wear black gis.


Patches must be sewn onto student gis before testing. Each level has a required patch and students are not required to have all patches until they test for their purple belt.

Sparring Equipment

Safety is paramount when sparring. We sell helmets, hand and feet protectors, shin pads, and mouthpieces for boys and girls. We also sell protector cups for boys. Chest protectors are also required at our studio, but must be purchased elsewhere.


We offer short-sleeved T-shirts and tank tops in various colors with the Dragon's Den logo for $13.00. Sizes include Children's 12/14 and Adult small, medium, large, extra large, 2X, and 3X.


Students receive the appropriate belt when they first sign up and when they test. We only charge for replacement belts.