Children and adult sparring classes are held once a week. Students are eligible to spar only after they have tested for their yellow belt.

This is a point sparring sport, with two points for each kick and one point for each punch. This helps the student to become familiar with using their hands and feet in a contact environment.

two students spar while adult instructors watch

All students that participate in sparring must have all mandatory safety gear and equipment. There are no exceptions to this rule. This is a fun sport and teaches sportsmanship and respect, and helps with cardio-vascular endurance, coordination, speed, and power.

Adult instructors referee the matches. We emphasize student safety while teaching sparring techniques.

We have had many students who have won State and National titles in this sport while competing at tournaments with other teams from around the world.

Team Dragon's Den is sponsored by Nick Lopardo of Lynn's North Shore Spirit baseball team.